Thoughts from OU-Missouri

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:28 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Oct 23, 2010 9:55 PM CDT

<b>-You can&rsquo;t make mistakes against good teamsand get away with it. &#160;Apropos, when Missouri ran the opening kickoff&#160;backafter a miserably inept kick by Patty O&rsquo;Harah.</b></p><b>&#160;</b></p><b>-What would you think the score would be ifwere told at halftime Landry Jones would have thrown for 248 yards andtwo TDs? You might have thought it was a done deal. But there were somany critical errors that OU was lucky to get out only down 17-14.</b></p><b>&#160;</b></p><b>-How&rsquo;s this for the game of the week?1-Kickoff TD, 7-0. 2-Missouri fumbles punt, 7-7. Jones throws INT,14-7. Lost with the national media hereand I imagine on TV as wellisthe fact that OC Kevin Wilson is forced to basically recreate anoffense. The end of the season knee injury to WR Dejuan Miller and thesprained ankle sustained by Ryan Broyles made things very challenging.&#160;Not often do you have a key drive in the second half and have JamesHannah in the slot and Broyles standing next to Bob Stoops. </b></p><b>&#160;</b></p><b>-Anything more deflating than not convertingon a red zone drive than have a kicker miss a 30-yard MUST MUST MAKE ITfield goal? Takes the wind right out of your sails.</b></p><b>&#160;</b></p><b>-OU scored on two lengthy drives when it wasabsolutely necessary. &#160;OU was behind 14-7 and made a stop on defense(21-7 wouldn&rsquo;t have been good at all). They tied it at 14. Then down 6in the middle of the third quarter, Sooners down 3, they hold theTigers to 3. They they get it to Roy Finch a few timesnot nearlyenough we might addand he led his mates into scoring range where Jonesgave the Soooners the lead, 21-20.</b></p><b>&#160;</b></p><b>Dean Blevins</b></p><b>Oklahoma Sports</b></p>