How Do I Look?

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:28 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Oct 26, 2010 8:48 AM CDT

It is a consideration that no other coach has to make. How do I look?

Maybe it shouldnt be a consideration, but in college football it always has been. (This is not a rant against the BCS nor a call for a playoff. Its a reaction to Bob Stoops admitting that his decision to punt Saturday with two-and-a-half minutes to play in Columbia was in part an effort to keep the score reasonable.)

In college basketball it doesnt matter if you lose by two or 20, as long as you make it into The Dance. The NFL, NBA, MLB...its all about wins. In the words of an old man in a sweatsuit..."just win baby!"

But college football has always been different. Win...but win impressively. And should you find yourself on the short end of the score...keep it as pretty as possible.

Im not saying Stoops did the right thing. Im just saying its a thought that would never enter the mind of another kind of coach. How do I look? Its what makes college football unique and maddening.