Post game Bedlam points to Sooner Magic

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:29 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Nov 28, 2010 1:5 AM CDT

-Two words one side loves to hear. Two words that make heated rivals puke. Sooner Magic. It was in full bloom in Stillwater where Landry Jones hit late long distance TDs to rip the hearts out of OSU fans.
-Cameron Kenney caught the first one. TE James Hanna the second. For the record, Hanna has measurable that are more impressive than those of all-world TE J Gresham. Hanna is stronger and has been timed at 4.49 in the forty. Take away his drop in the Missouri game on the fake field goal and he’s had a superb season.

-How does one team 107 plays for 588 yards and the other run “only” 66 plays for “only” 379 yards and the game go down to the final seconds. Simple.  OU settled for four field goals in the red zone. 21 points and it’s over. 12 and it’s a game.

-OSU has a bright future. For the first time ever they won 10 games in the regular season. Pat Jones won 10 games thrice but needed bowl wins to get there. On the other hand, OU set an NCAA record tonight by winning their tenth game. It’s an NCAA record 32 times OU has won ten or more games in a season.

-Second year in a row for the Cowboys. But this one is more painful. Last season the Pokes went to Norman facing a five loss Sooner team with BCS on their minds. They left a 0-27 loser. Don’t know which was harder to take. But I imagine it was this one since they were favored and it was a home.

-The tender ankle of Justin Blackmon played a role in the game. Opponents got sick of hearing about OU’s myriad of injuries a season ago. But they were real. And as much as OU fans don’t want to hear OSU excuses, the fact of the matter is that if Blackmon had been healthy, the Pokes could have probably scored more points. And not many more were needed.

-OU was an astounding 16-of-27 on third down conversions. Over fifty percent in mostly middle to long yardage situations is one thing. But to convert 16 is off the charts.

-Say this about Kevin Wilson. The OU OC did not flinch when it’d been easy to be conservative. He called a play-action vertical TE route on second 2nd and 6 on the OU 24 with 2:34 remaining.

-One of the game’s biggest plays ends up being the incomplete home run ball Ryan Broyles batted away from Brodrick Brown.

-The biggest game in the history of Bedlam for Oklahoma State was going to end either exhilaration or angst.  It was the latter leading to OSU DE Richetti Jones to simply say, “They are lucky.”

-Coaches catch a lot of criticism when things don’t go perfectly right. And right at OU means an undefeated season. Probably needs to be one where the defense does not allow a single point. But hand it to the Sooner staff. First, Bob Stoops has won eight in a row over OSU. Second, they pushed the right buttons in practice to have what they called their best week of practice of the season. Third, offensively, Wilson used his weapons, scored points and came through in the clutch. Finally, DC Brent Venables had a huge night. He often lined up with a smallish front four consisting of only DEs. It left QB Weeden frazzled in the first half and incredibly held RB Hunter to 55 yards on 13 carries.

-Long day. Headed home. Catch us on the Blitz. Lots of Bedlam. Plus Marcus Dupree joins us live in studio. A can’t miss show.