View From the Sidelines....Bedlam

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:30 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Nov 28, 2010 7:49 PM CDT

- I have never in two years seen Bob Stoops happier than he was after the game Saturday night. He was almost giddy in our post-game lockerroom interview.

- The James Hanna touchdown call will go down as one of the great calls of the year. I saw Kevin Wilson after the game and congratulated him on the "gutsy" call. He winked and said, "never in doubt."

- That was my first game on the sidelines at Boone Pickens Stadium. What a great stadium and what a great atmosphere. I sensed a nervous energy in the stadium for the first three quarters, but the fourth quarter was sheer pandemonium. Much like Owen Field, the stands are so close to the field its almost claustrophic. You really feel like the crowd is right on top of you. I dont think people appreciate what an advantage that is for OU and OSU. Communication even on the sidelines is very difficult.

- It was fun watching Jonathan Nelson become another coach on the bench Saturday night. He was frustrated/angry that they wouldnt let him back in the game after he suffered an early head injury. But he didnt sit over there and sulk. He was up and down the sidelines all night in guys faces and coaching up the secondary. J-Nel is an easy guy to cheer for. Javon Harris played great in his absence.

- Ive been preaching for people to get off Jimmy Stevens back all year. The kid is now 25-for-30 the last two seasons. Thats pretty good. He was 4-for-4 Saturday night. 7-for-7 in their last two road games. I know they werent bombs, but ask Boise State how easy it is to hit a 30-yard field with pressure on. Jimmys not the best kicker in the nation and he doesnt have a big leg, but fans have acted like hes awful. I argue hes been very consistent. Hes received way too much criticism for a guy whos made 83% of his field goals the last two years and hasnt missed an extra point this season.

- How great is it going to be to see those OU and Nebraska uniforms squared off against each other in Arlington for the final Big 12 game. Its the only way it could end.