My 2 Cents: Soldiers Upset At Delta

Wednesday, June 8th 2011, 9:58 pm
By: News 9

Kelly Ogle, News9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- "Welcome home soldier. Now if you would give me your credit card to pay for that extra bag holding your weapons."

After a couple of soldiers posted video on YouTube complaining about Delta Airlines extra bag charge, Delta apologized for any miscommunication there might have been and changed their policy for the military.

The airline charged an Army Unit returning from Afghanistan extra, because they had additional luggage, about $3,000 extra out of their own pockets.

"Good business model Delta. Thank you. We're actually happy to be back in America. God bless America. Uh, not happy."

One soldier said his extra bag was a weapons case containing his assault rifle, a grenade launcher and a pistol. The weapons he uses to serve and protect this country.

I hope Delta, and all of the airlines are giving our service men and women every sort of special privilege they can including upgrading them to First Class any time there's an empty seat. They certainly deserve it.

And to cleanse your palate a bit, I'll finish by saying when I flew on Memorial Day last week, Southwest Airlines boarded military members first and the other travelers cheered for them!