Mother of Tortured Boy Not Helping Investigators, Police Say

Thursday, June 30th 2011, 10:19 pm
By: News 9

Michael Konopasek, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A three-year-old boy who police said was abused and raped at a metro hotel, is no longer a patient at Children's Hospital.

While the toddler is no longer at Children's Hospital, the people who committed the torture are still at large police believe.

Police also said the boy's own mother is not helping bring her son's tormentors to justice.

Police reports and a probable cause affidavit revealed the boy suffered a head injury, lye burns to the throat face and eyes, sexual abuse, bleach poisoning and at one point was hung from the ceiling with a dog collar. Police say the abuse happened at the La Quinta Inn, 800 S. Meridian Ave. in Oklahoma City.

Viewers reached out in support for the child, and many people, some from as far away as California, expressed concerns that the boy's abusers are still walking the streets

"You can't make people talk," said OKC Police Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow. "You can interview them, but you cannot ultimately make them give you information."

Police said they are having a hard time extracting information from two women currently under arrest in connection with the crime. Those two women are the boy's mother, Leana Lauck, and reported prostitute and drug dealer Jennifer Chapman who is also known as Jennifer Ragland.

Police said Lauck waited nearly a day after the abuse before bringing her child to the hospital. Ragland is accused of allowing two men to rape the boy in exchange for meth.

"This was a very, very horrific crime against this young boy," said Wardlow. "We want to locate everyone who was involved and ultimately take them into custody."

Police said they release suspect information when there is an active warrant or if charges are filed. So far, no arrest warrants have been issued or charges filed.

"I think jail would be too good for them," said Stacy Felkins, a distant cousin to the boy's mother. "That's the most evil you can do."

Court documents reveal the two suspects are possibly day laborers.

Police are asking for help. If you know any information on the suspects you are urged to call crime stoppers at 405-235-7300.