OU Submits Self-Imposed Penalties Proposal To NCAA

Thursday, July 28th 2011, 2:21 pm
By: News 9


NORMAN, Oklahoma – The University of Oklahoma has proposed a number of self-imposed penalties in regards to the men's basketball team in its joint report submitted Thursday to the NCAA Infractions Committee.

Oklahoma has asked the NCAA to place its men's basketball program on two more years of probation and proposed that the school vacate all wins from the 2009-10 season for two major rules violations by former assistant coach Oronde Taliaferro.

The university and NCAA investigators released the 438 page summary disposition report Thursday proposing penalties for the infractions committee to consider.

According to the release by OU Athletic department spokesman Kenny Mossman, the process should take several weeks and Oklahoma will not comment until the process is resolved.

In addition to the two additional years of probation, the Sooners also proposed taking away one scholarship, two official visits and 10 in-person recruiting days during the upcoming academic year as penalties for the violations committed while the program was already on probation.

The report also states this is an "an isolated incident involving a single member of the coaching staff (Taliaferro), who clearly knew his lack of action to prevent or report the violation was not acceptable." It also went on to say "there is no lack of institutional control or institutional failure to monitor present."

The investigation started after reports surfaced that former center Keith "Tiny" Gallon had received money in the form of a wire transfer from financial advisor Jeffrey Hausinger.

The school said former assistant coach Oronde Taliaferro broke NCAA rules by failing to report that Gallon had received an impermissible extra benefit and by lying to Oklahoma and NCAA enforcement staff during the investigation.

Taliaferro's phone records link him to Hausinger, the adviser, and Hausinger even offered in an e-mail to allow Taliaferro to stay with him.

The former assistant stepped down in 2010 after the investigation began.

The report did not implicate or name former head coach Jeff Capel in it. Coach Capel was fired by Oklahoma after the 2010 season after a 14-18 season, the Sooners' second consecutive losing season.

The NCAA infractions committee will now review the summary disposition report and decide whether to accept it or to seek an alternate resolution and that decision is not expected for several weeks.