MWC Police Search For Bounty Hunters Terrorizing Innocent People

Friday, July 29th 2011, 10:51 pm
By: News 9

Dana Hertneky, News 9

MIDWEST CITY, Oklahoma -- Police says bounty hunters dressed like cops, armed with guns and tasers bust into an apartment and terrorize an innocent family.

Police are now looking for the hunters, saying what they did was illegal. And they say this isn't the first time, there are other complaints about this group who pose as police but aren't.

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Kevin Houston says someone tried to kick in the door to his apartment just before midnight on Tuesday.

"I jumped out of the bed and I got to the door and I said ‘who is it?' and they never did say," said Houston. "They were just like open the door."

When Kevin finally did open the door he says six men dressed like SWAT officers barged in.

"They had on all black with all these guns and tasers and stuff and they pointed the gun at him and I thought ‘oh God they're going shoot him," said his fiancé April Frost.

Believing the men were police officers the family complied as the men held them hostage for 45 minutes and searched their home.

All this as the couple's children watched until finally the men were satisfied they had the wrong guy.

Then the men simply walked back out the door.

"Didn't apologize or nothing," said Frost.

Police believe the men were bounty hunters not law enforcement.

"We feel like their actions are on the verge of violating not only civil rights but criminal law," said Brandon Clabes, Chief of the Midwest City Police Department.

The family who hasn't felt safe since couldn't agree more.

"We couldn't sleep, kids couldn't sleep," said Frost "We had to lock our door with knives, put the chair up there."

The Midwest city Police Chief says they have some leads as to who this group is.