'Bounty Boys' Face Felony Charges For Terrorizing Innocent Family

Tuesday, August 16th 2011, 10:52 pm
By: News 9

Dana Hertneky, News 9

MIDWEST, Oklahoma -- They're used to sending people to jail, now some Oklahoma City bounty hunters will likely find themselves there.

The Midwest City Police Chief says the Bounty Boys will face felony charges after busting in on the wrong family.

Chief Brandon Clabes says the Bounty Boys crossed the line and terrorized the innocent family. Tuesday the Oklahoma County District Attorney said he agrees.

On YouTube the Bounty Boys have created a following busting down doors and nabbing the bad guys.

But police say when they kicked in an innocent Midwest City family's door it became criminal.

"It brings us a little bit of peace," said April Frost. It was her home the Bounty Boys came to in late July.

Five members of the Bounty Boys are facing charges of kidnapping and entering a structure with intent to commit a felony. The group's leaders: Les Sanders and Chris Black are also facing weapons charges for unlawfully carrying. Sanders also faces a charge of illegally pointing a firearm. 

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"We don't condone illegal acts," said Dudley Goolsby, president of the Oklahoma Bondsman Association.

He says when someone bonds out of jail, they are in legal custody of the agent, who gives bounty hunters the authority to do what it takes to bring them in.

"If you go in the wrong house you're in trouble," said Goolsby. "There's TV shows that show you tearing up stuff, you can't do that."

"I'm really surprised and disappointed charges have been filed," said Irven Box, the Bounty Boys' attorney.

Box admits the Bounty Boys had the wrong house. But he says they didn't kick in the door or do anything illegal.

"I don't believe they're unscrupulous," said Box. "I don't think they do anything beyond what they believe the law is."

Charges have not been filed with the court yet. Box says once that happens and a warrant is issued the Bounty Boys will turn themselves in.

The family who the bounty boys wrongfully busted in on says they will be taking civil action against the group.