Animal Owners Hold Out Hope After NE OKC Wildfires

Thursday, September 1st 2011, 8:02 pm
By: News 9

Lisa Monahan, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- With all of the wildfires, many animals in the fire zones have been displaced. Crews in northeastern Oklahoma City are working to re-unite many of those animals with their owners.

Sandra Williams lost everything but hope.

"I just want to find them. At least then I will have something left from this disaster," she said.

The fire burned through her home, her land, and the small backyard where her two dogs Michael and Calden were last seen.

"I am hoping they just got scared and ran and hid somewhere."

Williams' neighbors shared similar stories. In the estimated 5,000 acres burned by Tuesday's fire, animal control officers said dozens of small pets, horses and cattle are left far from home.

"They are on a high level of stress from the difference of their normal routine, from the smoke and smells, the activity of the vehicles, as well as they are not home," said Animal Control Investigator Sheridan Lowery.

Lowery and Officer Renee Payne are making rounds hoping to bring most of the animals back. In some cases, though, Lowery said, the fire harmed some animals too much to save.

"We had to euthanize a cow. The cow was suffering. Unfortunately, it was the best thing we could do for it," he said

After such a loss, Williams finds herself refusing to give up.

"I will just have to try."

Any animals picked up in the northeast Oklahoma City fire area will be held at the animal shelter for a month.

Owners can contact the animal shelter at 297-3100.