OSBI Broadens Search In Chief Bryan's Murder

Thursday, September 22nd 2011, 9:59 pm
By: News 9

Michael Konopasek, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation said Thursday it is broadening its search for a suspect in the murder of Nichols Hills Fire Chief Keith Bryan.

The search continued as new evidence was taken from the crime scene.

OSBI said it was still looking for a man with the description Bryan's wife provided to investigators. The bureau also added that it will look at everyone who could be connected to the murder.

Chief Bryan's wife called police after her husband was shot in the head. A 911 call released to News 9 from Mustang Police documents the events surrounding the death.

"My husband is laying here bleeding on my couch right now," Bryan's wife was heard telling a 911 operator.

The call came into police as Bryan was still clinging onto life.

"My husband is laying here gasping for air," said Bryan's wife in the 911 call. "He's dripping. He's, like, moving. I've got to have somebody here."

The 911 call ended after Bryan's wife requested help one last time.

Forty eight hours after the murder, OSBI investigators continued to look for evidence at the crime scene. On Thursday, investigators canvassed the neighborhood, going door-to-door trying to gather more information.

"[We're] just hoping someone saw something that they didn't think was relevant and that's why they didn't call us, but perhaps, once we get to talking to them, we find out what they know might be relevant," said OSBI spokesperson Jessica Brown.

OSBI said it will continue asking Bryan's wife additional questions in order to get a better idea of the events that led to the chief's murder.

"We need to go back to her and say 'Does this sound familiar? Does this ring any bells to you?'" said Brown. "That's not unusual to go back to our witness several times and ask them more pointed questions."

Family members said that investigators had taken the clothes the wife was wearing that night for evidence.

The OSBI said it hopes to learn more from crime scene DNA tests, but test results could take several weeks to be returned.

Anyone with information that may help investigators is urged to call the OSBI at 800-522 -8017.