Your 2 Cents: Is It Right To Fly A Confederate Flag?

Tuesday, September 27th 2011, 11:39 pm
By: News 9

Kelly Ogle, News 9

I questioned last night why a South Carolina woman would be so intent on flying a Confederate Flag when it upsets so many of her African American neighbors.

Tonight your thoughts, starting with Phyllis: "I think it is downright redneck to me! I am a direct descendant of Robert E. Lee, and it would just be disgraceful, if I did that!"

Steve writes: "Some feel it's their heritage, a protest in support of states' rights, others foolishly follow its racist past."

Mike writes: "The Confederate flag originally stood for hard working people tired of the federal government forcing the states to follow federal law."

From Gerald: "The flag represents a time in life that life was fun and enjoyable."

Jeremy says: "I like the flag just because of the way it looks and yes because of the Dukes of Hazard show I used to watch."

Lee: "…when a person knowingly irritates someone, then it becomes something other than heritage."

Mike writes: "I have always liked the look of the Dixie flag but have always refrained from flying it on anything, specifically because of what you said."

Finally, Jerry says: "Two of my Great Grandfathers served under that flag when Lincoln invaded our homeland and it would take a lot more than my allotted two cents to educate you about it."