Caryn's Easy Tamales

Monday, October 3rd 2011, 8:21 pm
By: News 9


15 corn husks, soaked in water

4 cups masa harina

2 tablespoon enchilada sauce

1 teaspoon baking powder

1/2 teaspoon salt

2/3 cups shortening

2 cups chicken stock, hot


1 cups shredded pork or taco hamburger meat

1 cup frozen spinach, thawed and drained

12 sticks of monterey jack cheese


In a large container, place the corn husks deep in hot water and cover for a couple hours until they are soft and pliable. In a large bowl add Massa to the bowl. Then add one at a time: enchilada sauce, baking powder, salt, shortening and stock. Mix everything until it gets soft and heavy.

Drain water from husks. One at a time, flatten out the husks with the narrow end towards you and spread about 1/4 cup of Massa on the middle of the corn husk, leaving a little more room at the bottom of the husk. Then add 2 tablespoon of filling in the middle of the Massa.

To roll: Take the left side of the husk and fold it directly over the right side. Fold the narrow bottom end of the husk onto the folded tamal.As you are making the tamales, stand them up on their rolled ends in a prepared steamer basket. Steam over boiling water for approximately 30-40 minutes until Massa is firm and holds its shape.