Oklahoma Police Offer Tips On Avoiding Traffic Tickets

Tuesday, November 1st 2011, 10:25 pm
By: News 9

Lauren Nelson, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A common sight on Oklahoma roads, but one we don't want to experience ourselves. Flashing lights in the rear view mirror is a sure sign we're getting pulled over.

But is there anything we can say, or do, that can help us get out of a ticket?

News 9 viewers think they have the answer.

Jessi says her husband tells police he doesn't have his insurance card, so they give him a ticket for that instead of speeding. But she says "you can get out of that ticket by taking proof of insurance to the police station later."

And Jennifer, the wife of an officer, says "be respectful and above all be honest and they will most likely cut you some slack."

It's the first thing we might think of when a police officer approaches the car, what excuse can get us out of a ticket?

Edmond police officer James Hamm said he's heard it all.

"I have to go to the bathroom, I'm having an emergency, I'm running late," Hamm said.

But do any of these excuses work? We jumped in the squad car with Officer Hamm as he caught speeders in the act.

"That was my fault, I was looking at the crest and thought I had got out of the speed limit," said a lady who just got pulled over.

And Hamm said there isn't anything we can say to get out of a ticket in a school zone.

Next we head to a heavy traffic area where drivers often speed up as they merge onto Interstate 35.

"Very rare for me to hear ‘hey I was speeding, I just wasn't paying attention, I was in a hurry, I was totally in the wrong.'" Hamm said.

And that could mean the difference between a warning and an expensive fine.

If you can't convince the officer to go easy on you, once you go to court, you can try to persuade the judge.

As a defense attorney and former police officer, Irven Box has seen both sides of the traffic ticket.

Box said while you can't always get out of it, there's one thing you can do to minimize the cost.

"It's like my mom told me, you can get more out of honey than you can vinegar, so you follow the rule, you act nice," Box said.

But the only way to truly beat a ticket -- don't break the law.

"When you're passing everybody else and you're way ahead of everybody else, you need to let down and check your speed. That's a good indication to know you're speeding," Hamm said.