Excited For A Shot? Oh Yea!

Friday, November 4th 2011, 1:46 pm
By: News 9

What a strange thing to say. I'm excited to give MYSELF a shot. But I am. To me it means that the IVF process is officially underway. I got my mega box of shots and I mean mega.

Well, I've been giving myself shots now for about 2 weeks. When it came time to give the first one, I was so ready. And surprisingly, it didn't hurt. In my stomach it went, with my sous shot giver (my husband) by my side rooting me on. The first night I woke up 3 times sweating profusely, but for the next week it was a breeze. And that's about the time the side effects started kicking in. The headaches were horrendous. They wouldn't start until the afternoon, just about the time I had to go to work. Tylenol wouldn't faze them. But it's all for a baby, so bring on the Lupron drug. Then I started forgetting things that I normally wouldn't. Like I would need to record something for work, and I would - just the wrong thing!