Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department Helps One Of Its Own

Wednesday, November 23rd 2011, 9:01 pm
By: News 9

The Davidsons have had a long, hard journey.

They are raising 6 kids, including one who is blind and has special needs.

Now Trina is battling cancer.

Trina started getting sick in June. And after getting one misdiagnosis after another, Trina finally got word that what she had was Histiocytosis- a rare form of lung disease.

"We went to, I don't know how many doctors and you tell them what she has and they are like what?!" said Skipper Davidson, Trina's husband. "They don't know what it is!"

Once diagnosed, Trina had to go all the way to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for chemotherapy treatments.

At first the county's insurance company refused to cover the cost, but then the Oklahoma County Commissioners stepped in, and made sure the Davidsons were not left with an insurmountable medical bill.

"They made that vote happen," said Trina, with tears welling in her eyes. "They made it happen where I got chemotherapy!"

For months, this sheriff's deputy's coworkers had no idea what he and his wife were going through.

Now that they do, they are doing everything they can to help. They've started putting up flyers all over the courthouse.

"We just need all the help we can get," said Deputy Scott Dixon, who is wanting to help his fellow deputy. "We're going to go through hoops to do what we can to help them out get them the money they need."

The Davidsons hope they can keep the cancer in check long enough for science to catch up. And for Trina to be able to spend as much time as she can with her husband and children.

"The ultimate gift is having people around us that love us and care about us and knowing that if God forbid, I got sicker that they would be there for my husband and children." Said Trina. "You just can't say thank you enough for that!"

And the Davidson's want Trina's case to serve as a warning to other's to get tested for this disease since the symptoms are so often misdiagnosed

A fund has been established at Integris Federal Credit Union at 4900 N Portland Ave.