OKC Officials Say Time's Up For Protesters 'Occupying' Kerr Park

Monday, November 28th 2011, 10:12 pm
By: News 9

Time's up for protesters "occupying" a downtown park. City leaders said they trashed Kerr Park this weekend, and the city chose not to renew the group's daily permit.

Occupy OKC protesters have little time Monday night to un-occupy. Dozens have been camped out here since October 11. They have until 11 p.m. Monday to get out or face being arrested.

"I am definitely prepared to be arrested," protester Jayme Johnson said.

Jayme Johnson's full time job has been occupying Kerr Park since he was arrested occupying Oakland --- but Oklahoma City has had enough.

"They can still hold their general assemblies from five in the morning until 11 o'clock at night, but after that they have to move out of the park," said M.T. Berry, Oklahoma City Assistant City Manager.

"Government is telling us we have to go home at 11, but these policies don't change overnight. They don't go away from 11 to 5. People's lives don't get better, their economy doesn't get better," protester Beth Isbelle said.

Until it does, they won't leave. The group said it wants to see a change on Wall Street, to see the super committee come to an agreement and all Americans working.

According to one of occupy's organizers, city officials are blocking their constitutional right to assemble.

"Yes I am angry. We have cooperated with them fully. We have met with them, the council people, I have met with the police," Mark Faulk said.

Which the city doesn't dispute, but now cooperation means moving.

"We would like to do it as peacefully as possible, but however, that will be up to them as to how peaceful it remains," Berry said.

The protesters said they have a meeting with the police chief Tuesday morning. News 9 was told they want to negotiate with police, but bottom line will camp up until government "steps".

Protesters were paying $55 a day for the permit to be in the park. Monday the city refused their money.