Consumer Watch: Oklahoma Company Drives Off With Family's Truck Title

Friday, December 2nd 2011, 12:21 am
By: News 9

Michael Field and his fiancee, Mellissa Riffle depend on their big truck. It's the only way to get around their rural Pottawatomie County neighborhood when winter weather strikes.

"Whenever it comes down to it, snow, anything else, we cannot go anywhere unless we have something with four wheel drive," Mellissa Riffle said.

But it sits parked. Shortly after they bought the truck, they lost the title before they could get it in their name and couldn't get it tagged. So they paid A-1 Title 42 Service $150 to help them get a new one.

Back in July 2011, they were told they'd receive the new title in 4-8 weeks. After the time came and went, Mellissa called A-1 Title again and didn't get an answer.

"I don't know what to think," Riffle said. "I've never had anybody do this kind of thing. It's bad business. It's a waste. It's sitting there. We're paying insurance on it month after month and we can't do anything with it."

So Riffle contacted Consumer Watch.

"I adore Amanda Taylor. I know she can take care of it," Riffle said. "Whenever she sets her mind to something, she takes care of business."

I paid a visit to A-1 Title. The address on the company's website took us to a home in Guthrie. But the lady who lives there said she's just renting and the owners of A-1 Title moved months ago.

Apparently I'm not the only one looking for them.

"There's been tow truck drivers and people that own car lots have been coming over to my house looking for them," Neighbor Indy Hanthron said.

Hanthron told me she heard the owners moved out of state.

The Oklahoma Tax Commission tells me the family's best bet in getting the title in their name is tracking down the original owner in California to sign a duplicate over.

We're here to keep an eye out for you.

So, if you purchase your vehicle from an individual, you should have the title in your hand before driving away.

Make sure it's in the seller's name, otherwise you could get stuck with past due taxes.

You can find helpful resources if you have trouble getting the title at



If you've lost a vehicle title and can prove you bought it, contact the Oklahoma Tax Commission's Title Division at 405.521.3221.

But if you purchased your vehicle from a dealer and they didn't provide the title, the Used Motor Vehicle Commission will help you for free. Their number is 405.521.3600.