Dreaming of a White Christmas?

Friday, December 9th 2011, 10:12 pm
By: News 9

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? The kind of snow that actually falls the ways it's supposed to: vertically. The kind of snow that makes one want to cuddle up next to the fireplace, grab a cup of hot chocolate, and gaze at the beautiful, sparkly landscape. The kind of snow perfect for crafting snow angels, snowmen, and of course, large, tightly packed snowballs ready for the next door neighbor. For many of you that dream may now resemble something more along the line of a film including Jason, Freddy, Michael Myers, or a nightmare cast including all three. That's right; the dream of a white Christmas has been forever altered for some of you by the infamous Christmas Eve 2009 Blizzard.

It is amazing how one's perspective changes. Some Oklahomans are a bit more cautious in their request for snow now while others still say, "Bring it on!" I have found that the percentage of those who never want to see a blizzard like that again to those who were stuck somewhere they didn't want to be is approximately 100%. I fall somewhere in between the two extremes so I guess you can call me lukewarm on blizzards. Note: Jed and Matt (our News9 morning meteorologists) you might want to stop reading now. You see, I had Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off that year, and it was one of the best Christmas holidays I can remember. We put Lego Star Wars sets together. We spent hours opening up toys that were wrapped up like Fort Knox. We played in the snow, drank hot chocolate, and enjoyed wonderful leftovers. It was a Christmas holiday my family and I will never forget, in a great way.

However, I did have to return to work on the 26th. Must I tell you those 10-14 inches of snow being driven by 40-60 miles per hour resulted in drifts that didn't melt real fast? I didn't think so. If you have never tried to visit News9 after a major winter storm, you're not missing anything. It suffices to say Kelley Avenue is not on the emergency snow route list. Nevertheless, I realize I was lucky as several News9 employees spent 3 days straight at the station, their cars buried in the snow like so many others. For those of you who want another blizzard, I might recommend you remain anonymous. For those that don't, take comfort in the fact that the chances are only 3% of having 1" or more of snow on the ground on Christmas morning.