Airport Warns Oklahomans To Be Ready For Holiday Travel

Monday, December 19th 2011, 3:50 pm
By: News 9

Thousands of travelers will pass through Will Rogers World Airport (WRWA) this week, and the airport is asking Oklahomans to do everything they can to make their trips easy and free of complications.

An estimated 80,000 passengers will rush through the airport between Monday, December 19, and Friday, December 23. The busiest travel days are expected to be Wednesday and Thursday.

The airport is predicting full flights which can mean long security lines. WRWA advises passengers to arrive at the airport at least an hour and a half before their departure to allow plenty of time to park the car, go to the ticket counter and pass through the security checkpoint.

Once passengers arrive at the security checkpoint, they can help make the process smooth and efficient by following these rules:

• Check to make sure you do not have any prohibited items in your carry on, purse, briefcase or pockets. If in doubt, check the TSA website, or download the TSA mobile App which has a great "Can I Bring?" feature.

• Don't wrap presents.

• Have your boarding pass and photo ID ready to show the ticket checker when you approach.

• Be sure all liquids and gels are three ounces or less and contained in one, quart-sized, zip lock bag. The bag must be placed separately in a bin.

• Any liquids such as bottles of water, juice, or soda, must be consumed or disposed of before entering the checkpoint.

• Coats, jackets and shoes must be removed. They can be placed in the same bin as the zip lock bag.

• Laptops must be removed from the carrying case and placed in a separate bin

• Place all valuables such as jewelry, cell phones and wallets in a carry-on, purse, or the pocket of a jacket. This will make it easier to keep track of it all.

• Bottles of baby formula, breast milk and liquid medications are allowed through the checkpoints.

• No guns are allowed through the checkpoint. Unload them, declare them to your airline and pack them in checked baggage with a TSA approved lock.

Because it's winter and the weather can be unpredictable, WRWA suggests checking the weather at your departure and destination points, as well as connecting cities, to be sure your flights have not been canceled.

WRWA also asked that passengers remember to be patient and kind, and realize everyone is anxious to get to their family and friends, including airport, airline and TSA employees.