Task Force Recommends Ending Tax Credits

Thursday, December 22nd 2011, 12:32 am
By: News 9

If the tax credit task force has its way the coal credits--and any other transferable credits--will be banned.

The task force met for months, putting questionable tax incentives and credits, like the coal credits, under the microscope.

In their final meeting, task force members voted on a long list of what they believe are necessary tax credit reforms.

Beyond banning transferable tax credits, the task force recommends banning credits that conveniently make their way through the house and senate in the final, hectic, days of session.

It would also require mandatory fiscal impact reports, caps on tax credits, annual audits and expiration dates for all tax credit programs.

The leader of the task force, Representative David Dank, warned other lawmakers that lobbyists will fight against the proposals as they make their way to through the next legislative session.

In a statement representative Dank said, "Remind yourself every day that the only lobbyist that counts is the people who elected us. They may not hang around in the halls here at the Capitol, but they are here in spirit."

The recommendations will be sent to all lawmakers and the governor by the end of the year.