OKC Woman Warns Of Safety Issues At Indoor Soccer Arena

Friday, December 23rd 2011, 5:27 pm
By: News 9

An Oklahoma City woman has a warning for parents and soccer fans. She says a metro indoor soccer arena is dangerous and the management is not stopping fights during the games.

The woman and her team refuse to play at the indoor area. She says an incident at a game two days ago is what forced them to stop going there.

Soccer is full contact sport, but we're told more than one game at this indoor soccer arena has turned violent.

"You should never put your hands on someone," the woman said.

This woman says a player on the opposing team slapped her Wednesday night.

"She slapped me. The ref picked me up and physically relocated me further away from her," the woman said.

She doesn't want to show her face because her family members still play here, but they too have had problems. She says her sister has been attacked twice and fights are common sometimes involving police.

"It's people worked up. The refs not doing their job. Not calling the fouls. Not calling it fair and a fight breaks out," the woman said.

News 9 went to the arena to talk to the management about the complaints. The doors were locked. But we did hear from the owners, a national company called "Let's Play Sports, Incorporated."

A spokesperson sent a statement stating the company needs to review the incidents to make sure proper procedures have been followed. Players say punishments for fighting are not consistent.

According to the company's rules, mandatory red cards are issued for fighting or violent conduct. A player with a red card can be ejected from the facilities for one year or permanently.

But the woman claims that rarely happens.

"There are people who have punched people and gotten a day suspension," the woman said.

We did call the local office. An employee says she was unaware of any recent fights.

The company's spokesperson says that it is committed to safety within the indoor sports industry and is an industry leader. The company owns arenas in ten other states.