OKC Firefighters Spread Christmas Cheer

Saturday, December 24th 2011, 8:24 pm
By: News 9

Jamie Oberg, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Every Christmas Eve, the call to spread cheer is one these firefighters can't wait to go out on.

"A lot of these kids, we'll respond to their houses in a time of crisis," Lt. Keith Castillo said. Firefighters must know how to work fast and be ready in an emergency when lives hang in the balance.

But on Christmas Eve, it's different.

"It's a great time to see them on a good circumstance, happy circumstance," Castillo said.

For more than seven years now, Oklahoma City Fire station No.10 stuffs hundreds of toys in boxes and in the beds of their trucks to give to kids and families in their district.

"Means everything to us," Zavala Sudae said as she lined up with her nieces and nephews.

"This may be the only toy they get for Christmas, so we're excited to share that with them," Castillo said.

"Princess!" Carolla said hugging her new doll tightly, The princess is exactly what she asked for this Christmas; the firefighters were able to help mom, dad and Santa get it to her.

This year, the crowds of families needing gifts grew larger than ever.

"Really grown, it's amazing," Cpl. L. Jones said. "We can't even get through, just start passing stuff out."

It's all worth it, he said, to see the kids all so happy on Christmas.

"Looking to spread a little light with these kids and see that smile on their face," Castillo said.

All the presents were donated to the fire department. Firefighters simply asked the folks in their community, churches, family and friends and they were able to pass out more than 700 toys today.