Sources Say Police Suspect Husband In Blanchard Mom's Disappearance

Tuesday, January 3rd 2012, 10:55 pm
By: News 9

A pregnant mother of three is now missing for nearly a month. News 9 is learning more about what Jaymie Adams' husband is and isn't telling police.

Police have interrogated Justin Adams and have even given him a lie detector test. Justin's attorney says right now police are treating Justin as a suspect in Jaymie's disappearance.

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Three search warrants filed in district court Tuesday claim that compromising phone records, deception, Craig's List sex and prostitution all played a role in the mom's disappearance.

It was in early December of 2011 when Jaymie Adams' husband, Justin Adams, said in an impromptu press conference, "[Jaymie] deserves to be at home with her family."

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It was a tearful plea for the pregnant woman's return, but according to court documents and Justin Adams' attorney, police believe the tearful husband has some involvement in his wife's disappearance.

Court documents spell out what police say Justin told them and did not tell them shortly after Jaymie disappeared. Two days after Jaymie Adams went missing, police say Justin told them he had not been completely honest.

Justin told police that he and his wife had been ‘swinging' with people from Craig's List and that Jaymie was accepting cash for sex. He also says Jaymie was set to meet a client the night she went missing.

"I think he was trying to be protective of her and him [about] things that were going on," Justin's lawyer Irven Box said.

Court documents also claim that phone calls made from both Jaymie's cell phone and Justin's cell phone were hitting the same cell tower one day after Jaymie's disappearance. Court documents also reveal that on December 15, six days after Jaymie disappeared, police gave Justin a lie detector test. He was found to be deceptive in reference to the question, "Do you know your wife's whereabouts?"

"Some examiner read the chart and said [he or she believes] he was deceptive," Box said. "It's not going to be damning in court, because it's not going to get into court."

The reason the results will not be heading to court is because results from lie detector tests are not admissible in Oklahoma. Tuesday's search warrants were signed to gather credit and phone records for both Justin and Jaymie Adams.

Last month, Justin signed a search waiver allowing investigators to search his computer and home. Police say they located the couple's marriage license, Jaymie's Social Security card and sexual toys in the home.

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