Guns For Girls: Gun Sales To Women On The Increase

Friday, January 6th 2012, 11:43 pm
By: News 9

More and more women are going to gun ranges to learn how to shoot, to buy permits, and to buy weapons.

Over at H and H Gun Range in Oklahoma City, the ladies shop right alongside the men, looking for the latest in guns and rifles.

Amber Turnbull is here looking for a hand gun of her own, even though her grandparents have some reservations about it.

"My grandfather has an Enfield .303," said Amber, who wants to take a gun safety class and get her conceal carry license. " He told me that guns aren't made for girls, and I bluntly told him he was wrong. That's why they make pink guns!"

Amber says the main reason she wants a gun is for protection.

"My number one fear is someone hurting me," said Turnbull. "And so I want to make sure that I can protect myself in case that should happen."

Owner Miles Hall says he's seen a big increase in the number of women buying weapons in his store in just the past two months alone.

"We're up 35 points for December, but in January we're up 54 right now."

The same is true over at the gun shows at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds.

"Its getting to where there's just as many women coming through the doors as there is men," says Dennis Diener, with the Grand American Arms Shows.

The gun industry is already targeting women gun owners.

Everything from bra holsters, pink handled guns to purses with gun holsters built right in are up for sale.

A CBS Report shows gun sales among women are up nationwide, and not just in Oklahoma.