My 2 Cents: Indiana Legislator Files Guidelines For National Anthem Performance

Monday, January 9th 2012, 10:56 pm
By: News 9

Few things irritate me more than hearing the National Anthem intentionally butchered. The classic example was Rosanne Barr's rendition at the San Diego Padres stadium back in 1990.

One thing that irritates me more than that is a bureaucrat deciding what is the right and wrong way to perform the National Anthem.

A legislator in Indiana has filed a bill to create guidelines for what constitutes an "appropriate" performance of the Star Spangled Banner.

Senator Vaneta Becker's bill would require all performers at public school or university events to adhere to the traditional version of the anthem as defined by State educational officials.

A performer that breaks from that could face a $25 fine. 25 BUCKS.

Yeah, that would have deterred Rosanne from butchering the anthem.

Schools and Universities should have employees with the good sense to know who will treat the National Anthem with dignity, if not we've got bigger problems that Rosanne Barr wannabes.