Prank Shuts Down Water To Juvenile Justice Center

Friday, January 13th 2012, 11:59 pm
By: News 9

Juveniles at the Justice Center were scheduled to spend Friday night in the county jail because of a water problem. Now the problem seems to be a prankster.

County commissioners called an emergency meeting Friday afternoon because offenders in the juvenile center didn't have water. That means no flushing the toilets, no hot meals and the center was without heat.

"We wanted to make sure they weren't exposed to temps that would make them uncomfortable to a point that is unconstitutional," Ray Vaughn of the County Commission said.

While crews worked feverishly to restore water, commissioners worked to guarantee the juveniles would be safely housed away from serious offenders at the county jail.

"We have to assure that they are not going to be exposed to any adult and that they are isolated from both sight and sound," Vaughn said.

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Meanwhile, city water crews were attacking the problem and they found water was making its way to and through the meter at the juvenile justice center.

It turned out someone had accessed a water valve in a flower bed and turned off the water to the juvenile facility.

From juvenile jail to the county jail and back again, all because of a prank.

An investigation is underway.