Police Warn Edmond Parents About Suspicious Van

Saturday, January 21st 2012, 12:02 am

Police in Edmond are warning residents to be on the lookout for a suspicious white van.

This comes after two reports of children saying the driver of the van followed them from the school bus stop.

Edmond police say they're not quite sure what's going on, but they want parents and students to be extra careful.

One girl who was followed says she has little doubt the driver was up to no good.

"I really think he was out looking for someone to take," said Karly-Morgan Nettles, an 8th grader at Cheyenne Middle School.

Nettles was walking home from her bus stop on Coffee Creek on Tuesday.

"A van started pulling up really slowly and a man with a beard, baseball cap and sunglasses was staring at me," she recalls.

He started driving alongside her. So, Nettles took off running for her house. She was so frightened it took her two tries to punch in her garage code.

"I punched it in and was like ‘Please work, please work,' and eventually it worked and I saw him pulling out and I dove under the garage door."

"When she told me about it, she was shaking so much," said Angela Ice, Nettle's mother. "I knew something wasn't right. When she started describing the van and the man I got sick to my stomach, so we called police immediately."

Edmond police say there was a similar instance just the Friday before in the Pebble Creek addition.

It's concerning enough that the officers are now watching bus routes. The driver on Karly-Morgan's route also personally warned riders.

"All of my friends and I, we just got really scared about it," said Addison Price, who rides the same bus.

Parents seem to feel the same way.

"Because of that I thought I'd better start picking kids up at school until I see what's going on or at least meet them at the bus stop so they don't have to walk home," said Addison's mother, Shannon Price.

The school district also sent out a letter today alerting parents to what's going on and encouraging them to review safety procedures with their children.

The descriptions of the van and the driver are a little different in each case.

One was a white or gray van with blue lettering driven by a man with a beard.

The other was a gray van with black lettering driven by a man without a beard.