Justin Adams Arrested, Future With Attorney Uncertain

Friday, January 27th 2012, 11:42 pm
By: News 9

Police arrested Jaymie Adams' husband, Justin Adams, for the murder of Jaymie and her unborn child Friday. News 9 was there as police carted Justin into jail. The arrest comes just over a month and a half after Jaymie went missing.

Jaymie Adams was buried Friday morning in Blanchard. Moments later, Oklahoma City police brought Justin to jail. Justin's attorney says Justin will be in jail until the whole thing is resolved.

"On a murder one with two counts … there won't be bond set," Justin's attorney Irven Box said.

"Does it look bad? Of course, it looks bad. I don't know of anything right now that I've seen other than suspicion that [shows] he did this crime, so wait and see what comes out."

Justin's arrest came just moments after his wife was buried at Blanchard Cemetery. After more than 40 days of questions and several search warrants later, police believe they have what it takes for prosecutors to win a conviction.

In an arrest warrant filed Friday, investigators say Justin had been giving police inconsistent information and that Jaymie had reported being assaulted by Justin one month before her disappearance.

Shortly before Justin's tearful plea for his wife's return, Justin told police he and his wife had solicited sex on Craigslist. Earlier in the week, Justin's mother spoke out against police. She says they have the wrong man.

"They've destroyed my family more than anything I've ever seen," Justin's mother Tina Clarke said.

Search warrants show Clarke is also at the center of the investigation. News 9 called Clarke many times throughout the day Friday, but she never answered.

Box says the case will require a lot of money for forensic experts to counter the state's evidence. Box says Justin might be forced to seek a public defender.