My 2 Cents: Should Requirements For Unemployment Be Tightened?

Friday, February 3rd 2012, 12:36 am
By: News 9

I've said before I support drug testing for welfare recipients, but let me put a bit of a twist on that.

Let's say you were laid off from your job. You go in to sign up for unemployment benefits but they ask you for proof you have a high school diploma or are working toward one.

Is that fair?

They would argue that requirement makes you more employable if a job comes open and you'll spend less time on public support.

But that's not all they want, they hand you a cup and tell you to fill it up. You'll have to pass a drug test too before you can get unemployment checks.

Does that offend you?

Most jobs are going to ask you for a drug test before they hire you, so that makes you more employable too. Besides it galls taxpayers to hand over cash to people who are spending it on drugs.

Opponents in Congress say this economic environment is absolutely the worst time to tighten the requirements like that for unemployment benefits, but there's never a good time.

Working toward a high school diploma and remaining drug free, is that really too much for taxpayers to ask?