My 2 Cents: News 9 Storm Tracker Marty Logan Saves Lives

Tuesday, April 17th 2012, 12:03 am
By: News 9

I've storm-chased many times, but I wouldn't dare compare myself to the News9 StormTrackers who are out there.

I'm repeatedly amazed by how they get themselves in the right place to warn us about tornados, and how professionally cool they are.

What happened in Woodward early Sunday morning was remarkable.

StormTracker Marty Logan tracked that tornado in the dark, block by block, calling out a life or death warning to a community whose tornado sirens had been silenced.

Here's a guy who'd been chasing storms for more than 10 hours that day, racking up hundreds of miles, and suddenly he's straining to track a killer, hidden but for lightning flashes, plowing through his hometown.

Ripping through neighborhoods he kept safe as a firefighter, tearing up homes of people he knows.

And in the middle of all that he had the presence of mind to bark out some instructions. Now that's cool under fire.

Marty Logan raised the standard for all storm chasers Sunday morning.