Another Death Linked To West Nile Virus in Oklahoma

Thursday, August 16th 2012, 5:56 pm

West Nile Virus has now claimed the lives of three people in the state; two of the confirmed deaths in Oklahoma County and one in Seminole County. 

The Oklahoma state epidemiologist says we are on track for the worst West Nile Virus season in Oklahoma History. And health officials agree that controlling West Nile comes down to controlling mosquitos.

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"The city is working with the City/County Health Department and the state and we're all talking about the next steps should this situation get worse," said City of Oklahoma City Spokesperson Kristy Yager.  "So we're formulating a plan together."

In Dallas, aerial spraying for mosquitoes is scheduled to begin Thursday night. It's the first time the Dallas area has sprayed for mosquitoes in almost half a century.

The Tulsa County Health Department also sprays for mosquitos annually.

"Spraying is always a possibility, but not a probability at this point," said Yager.

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But Oklahoma City experts say fogging isn't a good option because of the land size of the city and cost. Instead epidemiologists with the State Health Department and Oklahoma State University say treating storm drains is likely the better option.

Right now experts believe storm drains may be the main source of the mosquito infestation and older neighborhoods may be more at risk.

City workers are also treating standing water on city property. Anyone who notices standing water on city property can call the city action center at (405) 297-2535.

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