Customers' Items Stuck Inside Store After Tan & Tone America Closed For Good

Monday, September 17th 2012, 7:22 pm
By: News 9

Nearly three months after metro locations of Tan and Tone America closed the doors for good, customers still cannot get some of their belongings out of the stores.

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Tan and Tone shut down unexpectedly in July. When employees showed up to open the doors one morning, the keyhole was jammed and there was a letter posted on the front doors explaining that the company did not have the money to stay open.

Customers were angry back then because they were charged their monthly fees just four days before the closings. They explained several personal items were inside the stores when they closed and now they say those items are still stuck inside.

"We have heard nothing. We haven't heard of how to come get our products out that are in there," explained Amy James, a former customer. "Any stuff we have in there or anything. They haven't refunded any of our money back into our accounts."

James, like many others, lost both money and personal belongings when a Norman location shut down.

"I have probably seven bottles of lotion and towels and the value is probably at least four to five hundred dollars," she said. "It's just like going to my house and stealing from my house."

The frustration has only gotten worse after nearly three months of waiting, said James. She explained the she has been fed up with the company's owner and wants him to figure out how to get customers their things.

"That's fine that you guys went under. That's find that you don't have money to operate but give us our stuff back and refund us our money because we didn't use the service for that month that we got charged for."

Anyone who can't access their personal items inside a Tan and Tone America location should contact their county treasurer's office to file a complaint. Law enforcement said they could not do anything to help because this is a civil matter.