Your 2 Cents: Anti-American Protests

Monday, September 17th 2012, 10:39 pm
By: News 9

I say it's time for these Middle Eastern governments dealing with anti-American protests to go before their people and stand up for the U.S. or stand against us.

Here's what you had to say... Scott in Lawton first: "Kelly, one of your best two cents opinions ever.

Every one seems to forget who we are and what we've done for them."

D in Stillwater: "Pretty sneaky the way you slipped in the word 'apology.' Who apologized?"

Robert from Edmond: "Our government didn't apologize, it was the embassy personnel trying to save their own lives, who made the apology."

David in Blanchard: "America either needs to start backing away from the Middle East or we need change the Rules of Engagement.. ..when Middle Eastern civilians become excessively violent."

Jon in Seminole: "I do agree that the governments there should do everything possible to quell these protests.. ..we should consider pulling some or all of our personnel and aid, until they figure out how."

Ann... Del City: "An unstable Middle East is not good for the world, but frankly the Middle East has been unstable forever... and I don't think our continued contributions to their cause is going to change that".

Finally Navygirl from Morrison writes: "It makes me sad that our president is more concerned with campaigning than protecting our country!"