Defense Attorneys Speak Out On Mitchell Case, Arrests

Friday, September 21st 2012, 10:11 pm
By: News 9

Teddy Mitchell, the husband of murdered mother Julie Mitchell, was arrested and taken into federal custody Friday with at least four other suspects, but defense attorneys on the case insist the arrests are not for the murder.

As of late Friday, News 9 could not confirm what the men were arrested for because the matter is sealed in federal court. The FBI plans to release details on Monday. In the meantime, News 9 has learned that the men were processed at FBI headquarters in Oklahoma City before heading to jail in Grady County.

"It's certainly nothing about the murder," Teddy Mitchell's attorney Scott Adams said.

The FBI was silent as Teddy and two of his sons, Dryden and Nick, were taken to jail.

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"I would be remiss and look crazy if I didn't admit that it has something to do with gambling," Dryden's attorney Billy Bock said.

An investigation into illegal gambling is the educated guesses of those close to the case. Sources say a friend of Teddy's, David Loveland, and another suspect were also taken to jail.

"I'm sure they had several agents on it," Bock said.

Adams says the investigation into the gambling aspect surrounding Teddy was ramped up after Julie Mitchell's murder.

In 2010, Julie's body was found by her stepson in the couple's northwest Oklahoma City home. No one has publicly disputed that Teddy was in Arizona at the time of the murder. Investigators still have not arrested anyone for the killing.

If the chargers are indeed related to gambling, Bock says the government will be prosecuting a victimless crime on this case and wasting taxpayer money.

There could be as many as six defendants in this case, but News 9 will not know a total number until Monday, when the matter is unsealed in court and the men are arraigned.