OKLAHOMA CITY - FBI agents arrested Teddy Mitchell, two of his sons and a close family friend, Friday afternoon.

It's not clear exactly what charges Teddy Mitchell is facing, but his attorney Scott Adams confirms the FBI arrested Mitchell just after 2 p.m. Friday.

News 9 is told Mitchell and close family friend, David Loveland, were picked up at Loveland's house.

Meanwhile, Billy Bock, an attorney for Mitchell's son Dryden, confirms he was also arrested at a separate location, as well as Mitchell's other son, Nick.

The U.S. Attorney's office will only tell News 9 that Mitchell's arrest warrant is sealed and will not be opened until he makes his initial appearance.

News 9 has also learned that the FBI began investigating Mitchell on illegal gambling accusations after his wife Julie Mitchell was found beaten to death in the couple's home in November 2010. Their child was found in a pool of blood next to her.

The murder remains a mystery, but just last month the state's grand jury released information about their investigation into Julie Mitchell's murder, saying they were confident the cold case would be solved.

News 9 is learning an arraignment for the four arrested men will likely be on Monday and that they will be in custody at the Grady County Jail until then.