OSU Paddle People Take Hit

Friday, September 28th 2012, 1:35 pm
By: News 9

Cowboys are loud, but for one group of them in Stillwater they will have to be more selective about when they choose to fire off their weapons. The Big 12 made a rule Wednesday that will ban the Paddle People from banging their boards on the padded walls of Boone Pickens stadium during the other team's offensive plays.

The "Band/Audio Play" rule bans the use of artificial noise-makers when the opposing team has reached the line of scrimmage. It involves band and in-house music noise, but will affect existing traditions like the Paddle People and Texas Tech's bell ringing. The Big 12 has reportedly said officials can call a 15-yard penalty if the rule is broken.

According to a statement released by OSU Athletics, the discussion unfolded at a recent meeting for Big 12 athletic directors. The sentiment was to ban all artificial noise-makers. However, OSU Athletics Director Mike Holder worked out a deal where the Paddle People would be grandfathered in. Like the band, the regulation requires the Paddle People to quiet down when the quarterback is set.

OSU plays Texas Saturday in the first Big 12 game opener for both. Kick-off time is 6:50 p.m.

We'll have more on this story including student reaction tonight after 6 p.m.