Pokes Fans Peeved At New Noise Rules

Friday, September 28th 2012, 7:32 pm
By: News 9

Big 12 football fans are being told to quiet down at certain times of the games or they could get a 15-yard penalty for their team and this decision will have a big impact on the Paddle People at Oklahoma State University.

Across the Big 12 fans are being told to simmer down on artificial noise when the ball is in play. OSU's Paddle People president says the team doesn't need them to win, but they're not happy about the new guidelines.

"My feelings are, it sucks. I'm very disappointed," OSU Paddle People President and 1st year grad student Jeremy Duck said.

Duck has been making a lot of noise for OSU over the past 6 years. He thinks the Paddle People have been around for about 12 years.

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"We take wooden paddles and hit them against the side of the wall and make a loud pop or noise on the side of the wall," he said. "So that it kind of distracts the other players while they're trying to score touchdowns."

Wednesday, Duck thought he'd have to tell his Paddle People camping out in front of T. Boone's stadium they'll have to quiet down for good.

"We found out the Big 12 passed some new rules that limit artificial noise. That would mean we would not be here anymore and the tradition would die," Duck said. "Luckily Mike Holder, our athletic director, spoke up for us and asked us to be grandfathered in."

They can make noise for their cowboys, but if they make too much "artificial noise" when the football is in play, they could get a penalty for their team.

"Hopefully the fans will jump in and make up for it," OSU fan Jerry Payne said.

"I don't really believe the team should be penalized for that," OSU Alum Lonnie Moore said.

"I think it's really rough," Duke Potter said. "Leave college tradition alone and let it go."

"We're going to see what happens, we're going to be very conservative with our paddling tomorrow," Duck said. "They're a great team and they'll beat Texas tomorrow."

The last thing the paddle people want to do is get a 15-yard penalty against their team, so they say they're going to be really careful and communicate Saturday and hope the fans will get loud.