Midwest City Sign Dispute Over Free Kittens

Monday, October 1st 2012, 8:00 pm
By: News 9

Abby Broyles, News 9

MIDWEST CITY, Oklahoma -- If you're looking to give something away you may think about letting people know by posting a sign in your yard. But before you put anything in your yard, you may want to think twice - because it could cost you.

A Midwest City woman didn't see a problem with putting a sign out in her front yard that said "free kittens." If you're giving something away, why should have to pay for it, right? But last week she found out she'd have to pay 50 bucks to keep it in her yard.

"About three weeks ago I put a sign out for my free kittens that were born July 3rd," Robin Weiden said.

Then about week ago, Weiden's cardboard sign reading, "Free Kittens" went missing.

"I thought the kids in the neighborhood stole it or something, and I went and bought more stuff, made a new sign and put it out," Weiden said.

But Friday she got a knock on her door from someone with Midwest City saying her "Free Kittens" sign was illegal, and he took it away for a second time.

"He just said it was an illegal sign, it's against the law, and for me to do it properly I have to go down and spend 50 dollars to get a permit and a sign from them like you do a garage sale sign, and I could only keep it in my yard for seven days," Weiden said.

Believe it or not, it's true. According to a city ordinance passed in 2003, her sign qualifies as a temporary sign, the only ones allowed in residential neighborhoods. And it's a commercial sign, which means she'll have to pay $50 to city to keep it for a week.

Weiden had no idea that law existed, and she's frustrated.

"I mean, what's next?" said Weiden. "We can't put happy birthday, our son's first birthday in the yard anymore either?"

If you're wondering about campaign signs, those are allowed in Midwest City neighborhoods. As for Robin, she's now "selling" her free kittens on Craigslist.

Yard and campaign signs are allowed in other cities around the metro.

In Oklahoma City, you're asked to keep signs at least 15 feet from the curb.