OKC Woman Battling Cancer Claims She Was Ripped Off By Wig Shop

Thursday, October 4th 2012, 11:01 pm
By: News 9

A woman battling cancer is now battling a metro wig shop and her insurance company after she says she was ripped off.

Christa Campbell is fighting breast cancer. She is also fighting the wig shop who sold her a synthetic wig as she began chemotherapy.

"I feel like it is very shameful that she would take advantage of somebody that's in this situation." Campbell said.

Campbell tells News 9 her insurance company, Blue Cross Blue Shield, covers the cost of wigs for cancer patients. Accente (wigs) required her to pay for the $386.00 hairpiece upfront.

"She signed a waiver saying that if she goes above the $150 that her insurance allows then she is responsible for the other portion," said Jeanie Beal, the wig shop owner.

The insurance company sent a check to the wig shop which Campbell received.

"She only gave me back a check for $155.01. That was her agreement was with Blue Cross that wasn't the agreement with me. My insurance company paid 100%. I paid 100% and I want my 100% back," Campbell said.

The shop's owner is standing her ground.

"I really felt like she was happy when she left here. I think she was confused. When I had her sign the upgrade waiver I felt she knew what that was for," said Beal.

"It is entrapment. That form is entrapment," Campbell said.

Campbell insists the form was passed off as insurance papers.

"People and the customers have so much on their minds, they are so overwhelmed with so much information, that they don't listen," Beal said.

"Their hair is fixing to fall out. Anybody would be emotional, but she took advantage of that," Campbell said.

Campbell has filed a claim with her insurance citing fraud.