'Remarkable Shop' In OKC To Close Its Doors After 80 Years

Tuesday, October 9th 2012, 5:00 pm
By: Karl Torp

It has clothes you might find in a department store alongside items you'd be happy to score at a garage sale.

No matter your wish list, there's a good chance the "The Remarkable Shop" at 3208 North May has what you are looking for.

But after more than 80 years in business, the thrift store run by the Junior League of Oklahoma City is closing it's doors.

"We have a lot of the same customers and we really develop relationships with them," says Ashely Jackson, of Junior League OKC.

The store is partly responsible for the millions of dollars raised by the Junior League for local charities through fundraisers.

But lately sales have lagged at "The Remarkable Shop." The Junior League points to the bargains offered and other retailers as the main reason for the closing.

"The ability for other members in the community to find other retail bargains and find it new," says Jackson. "It's a great thing, but it didn't help ourselves."

The Junior League requires all it's members to volunteer at the Remarkable shop when they first join.

The thrift store will hold a final sale the first week of November before closing its doors for good.

This week, members will begin a holiday fundraiser called Mistletoe Market at the Cox Convention Center downtown.