Del City Family Pleads For Return Of Missing Dog

Thursday, October 11th 2012, 6:05 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

A Del City family says their puppy was stolen right out of their yard. Now they are pleading for the thief or anyone with information to help.

What makes the story especially heartbreaking is the family says the dog belonged to their son who was born with a heart condition, and was given very little chance of survival. 

The family says they familiar with heartache, but they've always relied on their pets to help them through. 

"He's not just a dog or a pet. He's a family member," said Patrick's mother, Kim O'Malley.

Patrick is now 13 and doing better. But on Wednesday, as the family was outside putting up Halloween decorations, they say they went inside for a couple minutes and when they came back out ‘JoJo' was gone.

"My mom was like ‘JoJo's missing, JoJo's missing,'" said Patrick.

The family says JoJo has never wandered out of their lawn before. And they're convinced he didn't this time either. They believe JoJo was stolen. 

"You have a dog, and you get to love him and someone snatches him up like that, it just doesn't seem right," said Michael O'Malley, Patrick's Dad.

Still the family is hoping someone will return their pet and are offering a reward. They say all they want is their family member back home.

"Return our dog please," said Michael.

The O'Malley's say you can call Del City Animal Control if you have information.