Oklahoma Family Frustrated With Delay On Habitat House

Friday, November 2nd 2012, 11:24 pm
By: News 9

An Oklahoma mom says she feels helpless and frustrated over the wait for a new home. Her Habitat for Humanity house was supposed to be completed in nine months, but the family says it's been years.

The Codopony family first applied for the Habitat house five years ago. They are thankful for everything the organization has done for them, but now the wait is just too much. Their house is built and habitable, but Habitat for Humanity has not let them sign on the dotted line.

"Everything's done. The carpet is laid, the gas is on, the electric is on, the water is on," said Anita Codopony.

This is Anita's dream house; four bedrooms, two bathrooms and an open kitchen ready for the family to enjoy. But they can't move in just yet because of legal paperwork from Habitat for Humanity.

"The abstract…he had to get that. And that was something they were supposed to have had before they ever started building here," said Anita. "They [have] the certificate of occupancy so I mean, according to the city of Shawnee, it's ready to move in."

Anita says there are still some minor fixes, like a vent for the dryer, hookup for the washer, replacing a couple tiles and some other small projects.

"It's frustrating to have this here knowing that there'd be enough room for all of us and then we're just living in the tiny little house, and just waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting," she said.

While they wait, the family crams into a two bedroom, one bath home in Shawnee. The house packed up and ready to move, because they were supposed to close on the new place Thursday.

News 9 tried contacting Habitat for Humanity of Shawnee, but didn't hear back from them. However, in a postdated release back in September 2009, the organization boasts about the property dedication for the Codopony family.

None of this comes for free. The family will pay for the appliances, mortgage, utilities, taxes and more.

But through Habitat for Humanity they get some discounts and don't have to pay interest on the loan.