Disabled Shawnee Elementary Student Bullied, Mother Speaks Out

Friday, November 16th 2012, 6:30 pm
By: News 9

A possible case of bullying at an elementary school has a Shawnee mother speaking out.

The little girl is disabled, and her mother says she's afraid to go to school.

Calista Jones, 11, has Tar Syndrome, and doesn't have forearms because she's missing those bones. Calista's been called names for years, but she says another girl bullying her at school has gotten physical.

Her mother says the school isn't dealing with the problem, and she's worried about her daughter's safety.

Calista loves being in 5th grade.

"I like science and social studies and math and writing," Calista said.

But now she's afraid to go to school because she says she's being bullied.

"She calls me ‘dinosaur arms,' ‘T-Rex,' she calls me stupid, retard, dumb," Calista said.

Merna Jones, Calista's mother, says she can't seem to get away from it.

"Calista has been dealing with a little girl that has been bullying her for two years, and unfortunately, we happen to live right down the street from the little girl. Her family lives two houses over," Jones says. She's chased my daughter home, thrown rocks at my daughter."

Earlier this month, there was more violence on a church bus.

"When we got off the bus, she talked her brother into hitting me, and I had a big red mark on my arm," Calista said.

Her mom filed a police report with Shawnee Police. They now go to different church, but things are not getting better at school.

"I've talked to the school till I'm blue in the face," Merna said.

She's also talked to the other girl's mom, but was unsuccessful.

"When every time they torture them by calling them names, pushing them, hitting them, mocking them...that's bullying and it needs to stop," Merna says. "And what upsets me is the school knows it's there and they're not  doing their jobs."

Merna is trying to get a protective order filed against the other girl. A court date has been set in Pottawatomie County next month.

News 9 tried to talk to the school principal at Jefferson Elementary today, but were told she was in a meeting. Our calls have not been returned