Oklahoma County Residents Fall Victim To Garage Thefts

Monday, November 19th 2012, 5:21 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

It's just about to be the season of giving but some thieves are doing a little more taking. Law enforcement says they are seeing a big spike in burglaries in the northwest part of Oklahoma County, including parts of Oklahoma City, Edmond and Deer Creek.

The problem seems to be garage doors left wide open for thieves to take what they want.

Even if you don't leave your garage door open, if you leave your car door open with your garage door opener in it, it's the same thing. One of those neighborhoods that recently became a victim was in the Deer Creek area.

"So far here, we've been pretty lucky but you know, doesn't mean tonight is not the night," said Jon Clayton.

Just down the street from Jon, his neighbors left their garage door open, and thieves took advantage: opening up an unlocked car door, and taking a purse and everything in it including checks and credit cards.

Sheriff's Office Investigators say a surveillance camera caught a woman using the stolen credit cards. They are looking for help in finding her.

"We're not calling her a suspect at this point, we do call her a person of interest," said Mark Myers, spokesperson for the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department.

But the Deer Creek neighborhood isn't the only one that's been hit, several others in the vicinity, including Edmond and Northwest Oklahoma City have also been targets.

"We've noticed a significant spike in these specific type of burglaries, burglaries that are pretty much preventable," said Myers.

And that's why deputies are asking everyone to do what Jon is.

"Just, you know, make sure my wallet and valuable possessions aren't left in my car overnight, double check and make sure my garage door is closed and locked and make sure my alarm is on," he said.

The sheriff's office says everyone in these neighborhoods needs to be vigilant about making sure your garage door is closed and helping your neighbors out if you notice their doors open.

Myers says the crimes aren't just happening at night but any time of day.