OK Retailers May Offer Less Savings On Black Friday Due To Unfair Sales Act

Monday, November 19th 2012, 7:44 pm
By: News 9

Retailers may be offering better Black Friday deals to shoppers in other states. It's all because of an old law still on the state books.

Those national advertisements for places like Wal-Mart show some huge discounts. But that "Bargain Busting Law" in Oklahoma could mean less savings and disappointed bargain hunters.

It's an old law called the Unfair Sales Act, banning retailers from selling products below cost and protecting small businesses from big box stores.

Black Friday Stores And Times In Oklahoma

Harry Seley of Harry's TV says it's impossible to compete with Wal-Mart if they reduce prices below cost.

"They could go below cost on say electronics, but they've got clothing, they've got groceries, they've got everything else to make that percentage up. So there are some laws to protect on just how low they can go," Seley said.

But for some bargain hunters, it's frustrating to see better deals in our neighboring states.

"I understand the reasoning behind why the law was created to help protect small businesses, but I really, I feel like it should be re-evaluated because I'm about getting the best deal possible, and I think a lot of Oklahomans are," Josh Mangus said.

Wal-Mart actually reached out to Mangus and explained in a statement that they will only match locally advertised prices on Black Friday.

Last year, the Attorney General's office released an opinion on the Unfair Sales Act, saying it's always in effect including on Black Friday and Back to School deals.