When Good Things Come From Bad Things

Friday, November 23rd 2012, 11:00 pm
By: News 9

When Good Things Come From Bad Things

I found another reason to be thankful this weekend. A few weeks ago we had a special visitor in the News 9 Weather Center. In order to explain why this visitor was so special, it is important to watch the next 2 video clips.

Marty Logan Tracking a Killer Tornado Through Woodward, Oklahoma - April 15, 2012

Marty Hugged by Grady - April 17, 2012

Now, every storm in Oklahoma is different. Some have greater impacts on us than others. The tornado that struck Woodward just after midnight on April 15, 2012 devastated the far western part of city. 6 people were killed by this particular tornado. The tornado sirens failed to sound which left the town more vulnerable as well. Many people thought that the threat had passed because the other storms had already moved east earlier in the evening. Yet News 9 Stormtracker Marty Logan, after a long day of chasing other tornadic supercells across NW Oklahoma, provided early warning and excellent street by street coverage.

For me it was a feeling of relief because I had asked Marty to go to Woodward just an hour or so earlier as a result of new storms developing in the Texas Panhandle. Guiding the crews during severe weather coverage is one of my primary responsibilities. I wish I could tell you that every decision I make is the right one, but it doesn't always work that way. I sure am thankful when it does though. There is no question that Marty Logan saved lives that night.

2 days later, at the Larry Gatlin benefit concert, I was reminded of why I have devoted so much time and energy to studying severe weather and helping Oklahomans stay advised. The little boy named Grady that you saw in the video above touched Marty and I in a special way that we will never forget. In fact, Grady's mother and father, Courtney and Jesse, joined Marty and I in the weather center for a personalized tour just a few weeks ago. It was a real pleasure to see Grady and his mother again, meet his dad, and show them all of the tools we utilize during severe weather. As a token of his appreciation, Grady brought framed pictures to both Marty and I of him giving us hugs on that windy, warm evening in Woodward where so many gave sacrificially to support those impacted by the storms.

So, I say Thank You to Grady, Courtney, Jesse, and Marty Logan. You have all given me encouragement, satisfaction, and another reason to be thankful on this Thanksgiving holiday weekend!