Thunder Superstar Kevin Durant Kisses Fan After Errant Pass

Friday, November 23rd 2012, 11:14 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

An 85-year-old great grandmother got more than she anticipated at Wednesday night's Thunder game. A bad pass from Kevin Durant hit her right in the head. But it's what KD did afterward that surprised her the most.

Jean Liddell is a big Thunder fan and huge fan of Kevin Durant.

"He's definitely my favorite," she told News 9.  "I like him a lot better now even though he might have been the one who hit me in head."

Jean was courtside during the Thunder vs. Clippers game. It was KD who threw a hard pass to Thabo Sefalosha but instead it hit Jean right in the face.

"I thought 'What in the world hit me?'" she recalls. "I guess I was okay because that's when Kevin came over and he said ‘Are you alright?' And I said ‘I think so.' And he just reached down and gave me a kiss."

Watch a clip of the play on YouTube.

Jean says she had warned her son and grandson, who were sitting with her, that this could happen.

"I said 'Come in if balls come near me, because balls do come near me," she said.

And that seems to be the case. About 10 minutes later she got hit again. This time in her knee that she had surgery on. 

"I went to the other seat and I was a little safer,"she said.

Jean had a bit of a shiner and a little headache. But she is quick to point out she has 11 grandkids and 33 great grandkids.

"So I have to be tough. I'm not as tough as Kevin, but I'm tough," she said.

Jean says from now on, she will probably watch the games from the comfort of her home.

That kiss has made Jean a bit of a celebrity. It made most of the Thunder highlights and has more than 350,000 hits on YouTube.