Woman Finds Misplaced Wedding Ring At Bedlam Game

Monday, November 26th 2012, 7:29 pm
By: News 9

An Oklahoma woman made a big discovery at Bedlam. She found a wedding ring after Saturday's game in Norman, and now she's trying to figure out who it belongs to.

The woman who found the ring is a big OU football fan, and she was actually at her first game this weekend.

But by the time she left Norman Saturday night, she had more to talk about than just the Sooners' big Bedlam win.

When OU rolled to victory Saturday night in Norman, Christina Osburn and her mom. Kim, were in the stands.

After a day of cheering on the Sooners, Christina and Kim stuck around at the stadium before heading back home to Tahlequah.

"Everyone had already been leaving, and we stuck around to kind of miss some of the traffic and started walking down as everyone had left, and there it was," Osburn said.

This is what caught her eye - a man's ring she found under the bleachers.

"It's funny because another woman had come up and she was looking for her sunglasses, and we're like, 'no, but we found a ring,'" Osburn said.

Christina's pretty sure it's a wedding ring. And if it is, there's probably a husband out here hoping to get it back.

"I'd probably be kicking his butt first, and then hoping someone turned it in," Osburn said.

Christina couldn't find security when she was leaving to turn it in, so she took the ring with her, and she's been on Craigslist and Facebook trying to find who it belongs to.

"Being Bedlam, I mean, anyone in Oklahoma would go to that game I would think, so it could've been anybody," Osburn said.

Christina was on the east side of the stadium.

She did call to report the ring to lost and found and was told that quite a few men's wedding rings go missing on game days.

If the ring belongs to you or your husband, contact News 9.