Patricia Spotted Crow Released From Prison After Serving Two Years

Thursday, November 29th 2012, 10:53 pm
By: News 9

Patricia Spottedcrow, the mother who was thrust into the national spotlight after she was sentenced to 12 years in prison for selling a $31 bag of marijuana is now free.

"My nerves have been bad since Monday," Spottedcrow said.

Spottedcrow and her mother both faced the same charges, but only Patricia went to jail.

"The first year I didn't understand. I was angry. I cried a lot. But  after a year the pity party was over and I was trying to get  home," Spottedcrow said.

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People around the country pitied her and criticized Oklahoma's judicial system.

"My original sentence was 12 years behind a blunt with no priors. That was Heartbreaking," she said.  

Her mother, Delita Starr raised her four children.

"I believe that Tricia learned a lot in there. They blew it way out of proportion. That is not what took place. I'm on a 30 year probation sentence. I do random [urine analysis] and hair follicle samples. The judge portrayed us to be the biggest drug dealers in town and that is not the case we just live," Starr said.

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Spottedcrow has no immediate future plans, but Starr points out by the time she is off of probation she will be 82 years old, but has passed all random drug test.

Spottedcrow's attorney is pushing for post-conviction relief to modify the 30-year suspended sentence Starr received for her role in the crime.